Financial Services Protection Ltd.

"When the best people to watch your back are your competition"

1 Complete this form only when you have read and agreed the information on the membership application form link.

2 You will need to enter your licensee details and your prime contact details.

3 When we receive your application we will send you the terms and conditions of membership. You must then confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions before we provide you online access.

4 We will create user access for the person noted as your prime contact. You will be advised by email of the logon credentials for that person. The user access provided is the same as if your licensee is a member of FSPL.

5 Your access is provided to can help you assess the value of the service. By completing an application you agree that your use of the service is not for commercial purposes. You agree that FSPL may cancel your access for any reason, at any time, at its sole discretion, without prior notice.

6 We will cancel your access within five business days unless you request for your application to be confirmed. Your application will be accepted only upon receipt of a signed, completed application form and payment of the application and joining fees by electronic transfer.